Can my office chair be re-upholstered?

If you find that your Office Chair’s fabric is badly worn and the Chair is still in otherwise good condition or the fabric no longer fits your office decoration, what can you do about it?

A lot of the better chair manufacturers offer a re-upholstery service, particularly for their better quality Office Chairs. So, in the first instance ask your supplier if this can be done. Provided that the cost is reasonable and the chair is in good working order it is well worth considering. However it is unlikely to be available or economically viable for low cost Office Chairs, particularly as these sorts of chairs tend to use cheaper snap fit components that can’t be re-used.

HÃ…G of Norway has a novel answer to this problem as they offer a wide range of quality Office Chairs with removable seat and back covers, you just need to let your supplier know which model you have and they will provide you with a new set of covers for your Office Seat. It is usually possible for you to change the fabric covers yourself as they are retained with zip fasteners.

If your Office Chair manufacturer doesn’t offer a re-upholstery service you may be able to find a local specialist that could undertake the work for you. Ask your Office Seating supplier if they know anyone or look in Yellow Pages or search on the Internet.

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