Can My Office Chair Be Repaired?

Office Chairs can take a lot of hammer in the average office environment and although chair component failure isn’t common it’s by no means unknown.

So what sort of problems can occur with your office seat and what are the practicalities of fixing them.

Probably one of the commonest problems I find with an Office Chair is a faulty gas lift, this typically occurs where the chair’s gas lift (height adjustment mechanism), won’t maintain its height setting. As soon as the user sits on the chair seat it just sinks slowly.

This can usually be fixed relatively simply, you just need to get a replacement gas lift from the chair manufacturer or office chair supplier. Fitting it is simple provided the gas lift stem can be released from the chair base and seat. The supplier may need to do this for you if the gas lift is seized in the chair, using a specialist chair drift.

The next common problem I find is damaged or worn chair upholstery. More often than not re-upholstery is your only option. Whether it is worth re-covering your office seat will depend on a number of factors, including the chair’s overall condition, cost relative to the price of a new chair, availability of fabric in the same finish if it is to match other chairs in the office or whether the chair’s design allows re-upholstery without damaging other parts of the office chair.

I will consider the remaining repair problems with Office Chairs in my next post.
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