Can My Office Chair Be Repaired? Part 2

In the first part of my post on Office Chair repair I considered the two commonest problems I find with office seat damage – faulty gas lifts and upholstery damage and wear.

So what other problems do I typically encounter requiring repair work to an office task or operator’s chair?

Quite a common problem occurs where the chair’s castor either shears or breaks up making it necessary to fit either a new castor or occasionally a new 5 star chair base if the swivel base socket where the chair castor fits, is broken. This is quite common with plastic chair bases which more and more Office Chairs are manufactured with nowadays in an attempt to keep the chair’s cost down.

If you look under the chair’s base you should be able to assess which you need, depending on the chair’s age a replacement shouldn’t be too difficult to get hold of.

A less common problem is a broken chair arm, it will depend on the damage as to how easily a new arm can be fitted to your Office Chair. If it has broken on the section that joins the chair’s body it may not be possible or cost effective to replace it, in which case a new office seat is your only answer.

It might be possible to make a warranty claim on a fairly new chair, but bear in mind this kind of damage is more likely the result of abuse rather than faulty chair manufacture. I once had a complaint on a good quality chair and it was only in speaking to the security department that I found that late working staff had been having chair races up and down the office and crashing them!

Another problem often associated with misuse is a broken chair back where either the fixings in the chair back have ripped out or the chair back stem has sheared or become severely distorted.

So, I suggest that it’s best to be honest with your Office Chair supplier, if the chair has been misused they will usually be able to spot it fairly easily. They might even repair it without charge as a gesture of good will, especially if you are a good client of theirs.

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