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Why $50 Isn’t A Realistic Price For An Office Chair

There was a recent question posted in Yahoo answers from someone suffering back pain, wanting to know the best office chair to buy with a budget of just $50.

The simple answer I’m afraid is it just isn’t possible to get an office seat with the required features to properly support your body for this kind of money, especially if you already have back problems.

At least not a new one, the best advice would be to look on auction sites like eBay for a used chair made by one of the quality chair manufacturers like Steelcase, Herman Miller, Knoll, Neutral Posture etc.

Even that is probably going to be difficult to achieve for $50, another idea is to Google used models of particular chair as there are specialist firms out there who deal in quality used office chairs.

Any office chair that sells for around $50 will always be a compromise as price is the motivation and so important things like adjustable arms, seat depth adjustment and seat tension adjustment won’t be included.

This article covers the critical features that you should look for in an ergonomic office chair.

Sitting May Be Bad For You

Recent research by the University of Queensland Australia, suggests that if you spend your days sitting in an office chair, a half hour work out in the gym isn’t enough to keep you fit and toned.

Instead, it’s suggested that you take regular breaks and stand up and move from your chair throughout the day.

Doing so is more beneficial than an intensive work out and will help to keep you healthier.

The research is also backed up by U.S. studies from the University of Missouri.

Are bad habits causing you back pain?

Sometimes we can cause ourselves unnecessary pain and discomfort by not correcting bad postural habits.Often it’s something quite simple like not facing your computer monitor straight, just angling your neck to the left or right when typing in your office chair can build up problems for your spine over a period of time.

Or are you sitting all day without getting out of your chair? It may sound silly but when you’re concentrating on something or you’ve a deadline to meet, it’s all too easy to find you’ve not got up out of your chair for several hours to have a walk or stretch. Your body needs variation and movement, so get into the habit of getting out of your chair frequently.

And it’s not just at work either. You should never sleep on your stomach as it puts a lot of strain on your upper back. Try to always sleep on your back, but if you do need to sleep on your side try and change position several times during the night.

You can find more details in an article by Chiropractor, Dr Jeffrey A Sklar that discusses these and other do’s and dont’s for your neck and back in a recent post to his Blog.

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