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Herman Miller Joins Research Partnership

Herman Miller recently agreed to become a Research Partner with the Center for Health Design (CHD) the non-profit research organization.

CHD specializes in healthcare facility planning and design related research.

Miller has actually been affiliated with CHD since its inception in 1990 and has now agreed to be a research partner for a 3 year period.

Over the years Herman Miller has been responsible for the development of many ground breaking products, none more so than the Aeron and its derivative the Mirra chair. The move seems to be an excellent opportunity for the development of future innovative product ideas.

CHD hope that other key players in the industry join as partners to broaden its existing knowledge and research. It will be interesting to see if others follow Miller’s lead.

Buying Discount Office Chairs Can Be Foolish

I have just added a new Squidoo lens article about the problems and pitfalls of buying [tag]discount office chairs[/tag]. You should never buy an [tag]office seat[/tag] purely on price and this lens explains why.

Find out more about Discount Office Chairs – Why Buying a Cheap Office Chair May Not Be A Good Idea here.