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Aeron chair tailored to fit you

Herman Miller’s Aeron chair launched in 1994 continues to be one of the most popular office chairs of all time and definitely the best known.
Herman Miller Aeron Chair

It remains radically different to most other office seats with its cleverly designed mechanism, its open weave Pellicle upholstery and optional extras like PostureFit to safely and correctly support your back.

However, perhaps one of its most easily overlooked features is that is comes in three different sizes so you really can tailor it to your own particular requirements, this is particularly important if you are below or above average height.

Here’s where you will find more details about selecting the right size of Aeron together with a handy sizing chart.

Buying Discount Office Chairs Can Be Foolish

I have just added a new Squidoo lens article about the problems and pitfalls of buying [tag]discount office chairs[/tag]. You should never buy an [tag]office seat[/tag] purely on price and this lens explains why.

Find out more about Discount Office Chairs – Why Buying a Cheap Office Chair May Not Be A Good Idea here.

New squidoo lens on choosing an office chair

This is just a brief post to say that I have recently created a Squidoo lens on choosing a chair for the office, it explains the key points you need to consider for successful office seat selection.

You will find it here Squidoo Lens – Choosing A Chair For The Office

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