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Alternative Office Seats For Back Problem Sufferers Part 3

In my last post I continued our look at Kneeling Chairs as part of our overall look at alternative seating for back sufferers who can’t get comfortable in a traditional office seat.

Today, I’d like to continue by looking at yet another alternative form of office chair, the Ball Chair.

When you first see one of these chairs it can be difficult to take it seriously. After all, at heart it is simply an inflatable ball, held within or attached to a metal framework forming the chair.

In reality they are worthy of serious consideration and in fact chairs like Dr Riter’s Ergo Ball Chair has one awards for best new product at the Geneva inventor’s conference.

So how exactly do they work? The user literally only has to inflate the ball to suit their requirements, and yes they do come with a pump.

How fully you inflate the ball will be largely governed by your weight and body frame size. Once inflated, you will find that a Ball Chair encourages you to adopt a dynamic seating posture. In other words you can’t just flop down into it like an office swivel chair.

And this is good, because it makes you use your body actively, particularly your legs and automatically has you using your body in a positive way to encourage healthy sitting.

You will find further details including reviews, advice and tips on Ball Chairs by visiting Ball Chair Reviews & Tips

We will conclude this series in my next post with our final look at alternative seating for back sufferers.

Alternative Office Seats For Back Problem Sufferers Part 2

Continuing from my previous post about alternative office seats to help people suffering with back related problems.

As I pointed out previously conventional office chairs don’t always make it easy for you to sit correctly.

In fact, they make it all too easy to sit poorly. This often comes about because we don’t spend enough time adjusting out office seat correctly.

It’s probably fair to say that the vast majority of office chair users really don’t know how to adjust their chairs correctly and so simply don’t bother. All the different levers are just plain confusing.

Some manufacturers, notably HÃ…G recognise this and provide an adjustment booklet that is stored under the chair for easy reference.

But the frustrating thing is that even when your office chair is adjusted to suit your needs, it’s still all too easy to sit badly. Typically this includes perching on the edge of the chair front or slouching forwards.

The goods news with a kneeling chair is that it tends to hold you in a natural healthy posture that isn’t so easy to abuse through poor seating habits.

On of the best designs of kneeling chair I have found is the Kneelsit, what it lacks in style it more than makes up for in function, adjustability and comfort.Kneelsit Ergonomic Computer Chair Unusually, for a Kneeling Chair the Kneelsit ergonomic computer chair comes with a back and this enables the user to move or maintain a dynamic seating position in the chair.

Another untypical feature of the Kneelsit is its wide range of adjustability to cater for the wide range of shapes and sizes that humans come in.

So whether you’re tall or short, heavy or light framed you should be able to adjust a Kneelsit to your exact needs. If you suffer with your back a Kneelsit could very well help, here’s the link for further details. Kneelsit

Yet more options will be covered in my next post.

Alternative office seats for back problem sufferers

If you just can’t get comfortable in a conventional office chair you may benefit from an alternative type of office seat.

The problem with a lot of office chairs is that they allow you to sit with a very poor posture for long periods of time.

The reason for this is that these chairs don’t stop the user from sitting slumped forward in a closed seating position without realising it. By a closed position I mean that your body is slouched forwards and the angle between your body and legs is less than 90°.
Sitting like this in an office chair is bad news for your back and obviously you, too. As well as back problems it is likely that you will find your legs tire easily and ache.

You’ll also find that as your blood circulation is constricted by this poor posture it will likely affect your concentration and alertness.

If this sounds like you, then it may well be time to look at a new approach to your office seating arrangements.

One alternative that is well worth considering is an ergonomic Kneeling Chair. These types of alternative office seating first appeared in the 1970s and one of the earliest was the HÃ…G Balans.
The good news is that the Balans Kneeling Chair is still going strong and has undergone some major improvements since it first appeared. The original Balans was based on a rocking chair type frame to encourage a dynamic seating position and avoid static seating and is actually still produced in Europe by Stokke.

HÃ…G of Norway have chosen to develop a more office orientated version.
HAG Balans Kneeling Chair
Movement and variation in your seating position is good and a Kneeling Seat like the Balans actively encourages this.

A Kneeling Chair allows the sitter to easily adopt a healthy seating position, encouraging as it does the natural curvature, or lordosis of your spine to be maintained. As your legs are pointing downwards, you are sitting in an open seating position which is much healthier and encourages good circulation as well as relieving pressure on your lower back.

In my next post I’ll look into these alternative office chairs in more detail.

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