Eames Aluminum Group Chair 50 Years Young

Following on from my previous post about the online survey that voted the Eames Aluminum Management Chair a close second in a best task chair contest, it just goes to show the power of good design and how it can continue to appeal many years after its introduction.
Eames Aluminum Group Chair
In fact, 2008 marks the 50th anniversary of the Eames Aluminum Group’s first appearance way back in 1958.

It’s hard to believe that the product has been around that long, it certainly doesn’t look its age.

If it was introduced tomorrow as a new product it’s doubtful that anyone would consider it dated or old fashioned.

Why is this?

I think it’s down to its simplicity of design and shape, the absence of levers and gizmos greatly enhance its timeless appeal all in all a really well designed office chair.

You may like to consider this link for further information on the Aluminum Group range as well as the best site to buy online.

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