Executive Chairs

Executive Chairs

Executive Chairs are really little different in function and feature than Task Chairs, they still have all the common features like:

  • Seat height adjustment
  • Back height adjustment (except on some entry level models)
  • Adjustability or rake angle of the chair back position
  • Armrests if desired
  • 5 star swivel base

Optional extras and bolt on goodies that may typically be offered include:

  • Sliding seat adjustment to cater for the user’s leg length
  • Lumbar support moulded into the back
  • Height adjustable arms
  • Width or angle adjustable arms
  • Back tension adjustment to suit user’s weight
  • Seat angle and tension adjustment to suit user’s weight
  • Vertically or horizontally split chair backs
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Inflatable lumbar support
  • Footrests incorporated in the 5 star swivel base

However, despite these similarities the way in which Executive Chairs are selected by users, particularly men, is somewhat different to Task Chairs in my experience.

The majority of male Executive Chairs buyers tend to focus predominantly on two things fairly consistently. The first of these is size; if it ain’t big then it can’t be any good. Whilst it’s nice to have an imposing looking chair surely the most important point with any chair is that it provides long term comfort to the user.

I’ve lost count of the times I have found a 5 ft 6 ins manager in an Executive Chair built for a 6 ft+ user. I don’t ever recall finding a 6ft executive in a chair built for a 5 ft 6 ins user.

The other obsession that Executive Chair buyers have is with leather. Again it’s an image thing, leather is a status thing and yes it tends to be a male thing again. It’s also not very practical more often than not. Being shiny and smooth leather makes it difficult to remain firmly seated, particularly if the user is working at a PC screen in a chair with forward tilt. Users will find that they constantly have to reposition themselves as their good old leather Executive Chair does its best to pitch them forward on to the floor.

It’s much better to choose a quality fabric finish for your chair which will last just as long and won’t pitch you all over the place. You will also find your clothes lasting a lot longer as they aren’t acting as a polishing cloth for the leather finish of your Executive Chair.

Female executives generally take a much more practical approach to their chair selection and put comfort and function before appearances. They recognise that it is possible to differentiate their chair by selecting a quality fabric finish.

So, when you are selecting an Executive Chair put comfort at the top of your list. Three months down the road you’ll be glad you did and not having to ring the supplier to see if you can bring it back and change it for something more comfortable.