How effective are office chair headrests?

Some of the more advanced Office Chairs come with an option to add a headrest to the chair, some can be added later but others have to be ordered as part of the chair as the are incorporated into the construction of the chair.

However, a lot of them really don’t help much in giving you neck support as they are either fixed to the Office Seat or have minimal front to back adjustment.

Consequently, unless you are exactly the right height the headrest fitted to this type of chair is of little use. If you aren’t particularly tall your head may not reach the headrest, on the other hand if you are very tall the headrest may rest on your shoulders!

So, if you feel that a headrest would be beneficial to you in giving you head and neck support you need to select a chair with a genuinely adjustable headrest.

HÃ…G of Norway produces an excellent range of Office Chairs with truly adjustable headrests. Not only do the chair’s headrests adjust up and down to cater for a wide variety of different user heights, they can also be adjusted forward and back so the user can properly position their head and neck on the Office Chair’s headrest.

At the end of the day if you feel that a headrest would be beneficial I suggest you visit a few of your local office furniture suppliers’ showrooms and try them out to find the best Office Seat for your requirements.

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