Meeting Chairs

Meeting Chairs

Meeting Chairs come in a wide variety of different styles and forms. Most meeting chairs tend to have fixed frames and these are usually based on four legged, cantilever frames and skid based frames. The frames generally come in solid hardwood, laminated timber or steel and are available in a wide variety of finishes.

Some users like to use a special type of swivel meeting chair where the castors are replaced with skid feet. These meeting chairs are also often fitted with a special fixed height mechanism where the chair is automatically returned to the original position once the user gets out of the chair.

This type of meeting chair is ideal for meeting, board and conference rooms where appearance is important as when the chairs aren’t in use they all point towards the meeting table and so keep things looking neat and tidy.

Some of the better chairs available today include a reticulated back and or base, so as the user moves the chair moves with them. This can be a great comfort booster for meetings that last for any length of time as it is virtually impossible to sit completely still for any length of time as well as being extremely uncomfortable.

These chairs allow the user to fidget quietly and unobtrusively. Some buyers will deliberately choose chairs that aren’t comfortable. The rationale behind this is that they don’t want people dozing off in meetings! Perhaps their other motive is that they don’t want their meetings lasting too long which is not a bad motive really as I’m sure we have all sat through meetings that seemed to last forever.