Meeting Room Chairs Part One

In this two part article on Meeting Room Chairs we look at the different types of Meeting Rooms and the Meeting Room Chairs most suited to them.

When selecting a Meeting Room Chair it’s probably best to begin by considering the exact purpose and function of the Meeting Room before selecting a Meeting Chair. Let’s begin by considering some of the more popular uses that Meeting Rooms are put to.

Typical Meeting Room Uses

  • Visitor Meeting Rooms
  • Staff Meeting Rooms
  • Boardrooms
  • Management Meeting Rooms
  • Training Rooms
  • Interview Rooms
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Product Evaluation and Tasting Rooms
  • Informal Meeting Rooms
  • Product Showrooms Combined With Meeting facilities

So, next let’s match our Meeting Room Chairs to their respective room types

Interview Room & Visitor Meeting Room Chairs

The sort of chair for these areas would most typically be something practical and comfortable. Metal and wooden framed chairs either 4 legged, cantilever or skid based chairs are a popular choice for these areas.

You may prefer a less formal Meeting Room Chair in which case, see the suggestions for Meeting Chairs for informal meeting rooms.

Staff Meeting Room & Training Room Chairs

Clearly, you could also use the Meeting Chairs suggested for interview rooms and visitor meeting rooms. However, the function of these chairs may need to be a little more flexible. For example, you may want to use these rooms for multiple purposes and don’t want to have Meeting Chairs filling them up. The obvious choice in this instance is to use Stacking/Nesting Chairs to save space.

If space is at an absolute premium then a Meeting Room Chair such as Howe’s 40/4 is an excellent choice. Designed in the sixties this timeless chair can be stacked 40 high with the stack height being only four foot, hence the name 40/4. it also comes with a trolley so you can push the chair stack into a corner.

If people need to take notes or use a laptop it may be worth looking at chairs that come with an optional writing tablet. Mostly, these fit on the right hand side, some have left and right hand options.

Management & Boardroom Meeting Chairs

These areas will usually have a higher quality Meeting Chair than other meeting rooms. Leather upholstered chairs tend to be popular for Management & Boardroom Meeting Chairs as they project the quality image normally associated with these areas.

High quality metal or timber framed chairs either four legged, cantilever or skid based chairs are very popular for Management & Boardroom Meeting Chairs.

Boardrooms frequently use a special type of swivel meeting chair that is fitted with feet pads instead of castors. The chair is frequently fitted with a special return device. As the user gets out of the chair it is automatically returned to face the front of the meeting table, keeping things neat and tidy. Generally speaking this type of Boardroom Meeting Chair doesn’t have any height adjustment.