Meeting Room Chairs Part Two

Continuing from part one of my report on Meeting Room Chairs let’s look at the remaining types of meeting room and the chairs most suited for them.

Informal Meeting Room Chairs

Generally speaking, Informal Meeting Room Chairs require something a little less formal and structured than the normal type of Meeting Room Chair.

A popular choice would be to go for a Sofa or Settee type arrangement to create a less regimented atmosphere. Tub Chairs could also be a good choice for this environment. If you really want something totally informal, try the Bloob Chair from Antidiva. It’s the next thing up from a bean bag but with loads of style.

Another alternative would be to use some of the more stylish Polypropylene Chairs, there are some great shapes and colours to choose from. Bear in mind that they aren’t too comfortable and so are best suited to short meetings.

Breakout Room Chairs

You will probably want to consider something fairly informal for Breakout Room Chairs. If employees have had a hectic day they will want to sit in a relaxing chair more likely than not.

It’s a good opportunity to make use of colour as a contrast to their normal surroundings. Consider using 2 or 3 different finishes for the chairs and seating in a Breakout Room. If you have tables again go for an unconventional finish.

By changing the environment staff will feel that they really have broken away from their work space. You could have a mixture of seating, say sofas or settees as well as individual chairs.

Product Evaluation & Tasting Room Chairs

Meeting Room Chairs for Evaluation and Tasting Rooms tend to normally be based on fairly conventional types of chair.

Usually, meetings will be held around a table and so the Meeting Chairs need to be something that will suit this sort of use. Probably metal or wooden framed chairs either 4 legged, cantilever or skid based chairs are the most appropriate form of Meeting Room Chairs for these areas.

If it is likely that there is any chance of the chairs being stained by the products, such as in a tasting room in a food factory, then care needs to be taken in choosing a suitable finish. For such areas it might be best to use a vinyl finish on the chairs.

However, if you do decide to go for a fabric finish make sure it is treated with a stain protection system during manufacture.

Chairs For Product Showrooms Combined With meeting Facilities

If you have a product showroom it may be practical to combine it with a meeting area and include Meeting Room Chairs where the products can be discussed and examined.

You may choose to have a few Meeting Room Chairs around a small round or rectangular table or, if needs and space permits a larger table with more Meeting Room Chairs depending on how many visitors you wish to be present at any one time.

If you just want a small setup with say 4 Meeting Room Chairs then Tub Chairs could well be suitable. For a larger arrangement you will probably be better using the type of Meeting Room Chairs recommended for Management and Boardroom Meeting Chairs.

It all depends on individual needs and the image you wish to project to visitors.

Other Types of Meeting Room Chairs

We have covered a wide range of different types of Meeting Room Chairs and Seating that should cover most of your requirements. Here are a few further points that you may like to consider when selecting Meeting Room Chairs.

If comfort is important then it is worth looking at Meeting Room Chairs that have reticulated backs and or seats. The beauty of this type of chair is that the back and or seat moves as the user moves and this significantly reduces the amount of shuffling that people do in their chairs as it is almost impossible to stay completely still for any great length of time.

This type of Meeting Room Chair gives the user subtle movement without appearing to be constantly wriggling around in their chair.

If you have the need for a large meeting facility you would probably use a Stacking Chair and it’s well worth looking at chairs that incorporate a linking facility. This will keep the chairs neat and inline and may even satisfy fire regulations where large numbers of people are gathered together.

You may want to have 2 or 3 Meeting Chairs in your office for short meetings with other members of staff, typically where you have a meeting or conference end as part of your desk. You should be able to get matching Meeting Chairs to go with your own chair so that your furniture is suited.

That concludes this two part report on Meeting Room Chairs please post any questions you may have about Meeting Chairs.