Office Chair upholstery selection

Once you’ve decided on the model of Office Chair you’re going to buy you then need to decide on what sort of upholstery to select.

A lot of people choose leather for their Office Chair and this is fine for a Boardroom Chair or a Side Chair. But, as regards for any Office Task or Operators Chair I feel leather is not the right choice.

The problem with leather is that you tend to slip about a lot on it and you can often find yourself sliding around your seat as a result. I’ve tried a number of leather upholstered office swivel chairs over the years and I found they all suffer from this problem. I had one once with a forward tilt function that seemed to want to try and eject me onto the floor, and it wasn’t a cheap chair either.

Leather also has a nasty habit of putting a really good shine on the seat of your clothing, not what you want if you wear expensive suits and outfits.

My personal preference for Office Seating upholstery is for a good quality, durable fabric. Try and choose something that isn’t too heavily patterned or bright, remember you’ve got to live with you new Office Chair for the next several years. I would recommend a plain, or lightly patterned fabric for your chair, the better fabric ranges have a very wide range of choices so you should be able to match your Office Chair quite closely with your office finish.

Make sure that the fabric you select is hard wearing and has a good rub count. This is an abrasion test that the chair fabric is subjected to by the manufacturer and  you should ask your Office Chair supplier for the fabric’s rating. Look for a minimum rating of 40,000 when selecting your Office Seating fabric.

You should also check to see that it complies with any fire retardant properties that may be legally required. A reputable office furniture and seating dealer will know all about this.

Incidentally, it doesn’t necessarily follow that a cheaper fabric has a lower rub count, quite often some of the budget rated fabrics have a high rating. And in fact some of the most expensive Office Seating fabrics can have a low rating so you need to make sure.

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