More exercises to relieve neck pain

Yesterday we looked at two simple exercises to help relieve neck pain when using your Office Chair.

Remember, if you already have a neck condition, or you experience any serious pain or discomfort do not attempt or continue with the exercises.

If you have had a particularly heavy day in your Office Seat typing, inputting data or surfing the net, it’s likely that your neck could be feeling some after effects. Here’s another exercise my Physio recommended that works well for me.

In the evening when you have had a bath or showered and feeling relaxed, lie down on the floor on your back with your feet drawn up so that your knees are facing upwards. Keep your arms at your side and the back of your head laying flat on the floor. Try pulling your chin down towards your chest a little to align your neck.

Lie in this position for about 5 minutes or a little longer if you are comfortable. By doing this exercise you will bring your neck back into alignment after all the straining you did in your chair.

It’s also a good idea to have a neck and shoulder massage from a qualified Physio or Chiropractor. I find this very useful to relieve the tension in my neck muscles and to help free things up.

A lot of people tend to move their head rapidly from side to side in an attempt to relieve neck ache. This is not a good idea and can actually be harmful to your neck.

And remember if you find you are suffering any serious pain or discomfort when doing this exercise then stop immediately.

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Some simple exercises to relieve neck pain.

If you suffer from neck pain when working in your Office Chair at your PC, here are some simple exercises to relieve the problem.

In an earlier post I explained why we get neck pain using our Office Chair and the practical steps you can take to help reduce the problem. Here’s the link

So, if you are suffering with neck pains here are the exercises I use that were recommended by my Physio and work well for me.

Exercise 1

  • Sit in your Office Chair with your back, neck and head straight, but not strained and looking straight forward and with your feet firmly on the floor. Very slowly and deliberately turn your head as far as you comfortably can to the left, as though you were looking to see something behind you.
  • Hold this position for 5 seconds and then slowly return your head to the front. Repeat the same sequence but this time to the right.

Exercise 2

  • Sit in your Office Chair with your back, neck and head straight and looking forward. Slowly move your head towards your left shoulder as though you were trying to cradle your phone handset between head and shoulder (never, ever use you phone like this, it is very bad for your neck).
  • Hold this for 5 seconds and then slowly return your head to the vertical again. Repeat the exercise for your right hand side.

As you do these exercises you will probably feel some pain and tension and likely more so on one side than the other. Take notice of this as it will be telling you which side of your body you are overusing when working in your Office Chair. Use this to deliberately compensate by consciously using the underutilised side of your body more frequently.

Do the exercises several times during the day, the don’t take very long to complete.

Tomorrow, I will add some further exercises. I hope my suggestions help I’ve certainly found them very useful.

Should you suffer any serious pain or discomfort when doing the exercises stop doing them immediately. You may need to seek professional advice for your particular circumstances.

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How effective are office chair headrests?

Some of the more advanced Office Chairs come with an option to add a headrest to the chair, some can be added later but others have to be ordered as part of the chair as the are incorporated into the construction of the chair.

However, a lot of them really don’t help much in giving you neck support as they are either fixed to the Office Seat or have minimal front to back adjustment.

Consequently, unless you are exactly the right height the headrest fitted to this type of chair is of little use. If you aren’t particularly tall your head may not reach the headrest, on the other hand if you are very tall the headrest may rest on your shoulders!

So, if you feel that a headrest would be beneficial to you in giving you head and neck support you need to select a chair with a genuinely adjustable headrest.

HÃ…G of Norway produces an excellent range of Office Chairs with truly adjustable headrests. Not only do the chair’s headrests adjust up and down to cater for a wide variety of different user heights, they can also be adjusted forward and back so the user can properly position their head and neck on the Office Chair’s headrest.

At the end of the day if you feel that a headrest would be beneficial I suggest you visit a few of your local office furniture suppliers’ showrooms and try them out to find the best Office Seat for your requirements.

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