Study Shows Quality Office Furniture Increases Productivity By 17.8%

A recent study reported by the Office Ergonomics Research Committee (OERG) showed that an employer that bought staff good ergonomic furniture and trained them how to use it properly, recorded highly significant productivity gains.

It found they gained an overall 17.8% in productivity levels.

A further study at a corporate call center following the same principles showed a gain of 8.3% in the number of calls handled per hour. Over the year that reflected in results that were worth over $6,000 per employee per year.

More details on these impressive results can be found here.

You may also want to consider help and advice on quality ergonomic office chairs, including product reviews.

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Kneelsit Balance chair – an alternative to conventional office seating

Kneelsit computer chairFor some people finding comfort in a normal office chair just isn’t easy and one of the main reasons for this is poor postural habits.

If you find that you are in this situation, it could well be worth looking at a Kneelsit computer chair, it’s great for promoting a healthy seating posture.

As the name suggests, it’s a kneeling chair – but it’s a little different to what most people associate with knee seats and offers a lot more flexibility and adjustability.

Here are further details, about the Kneelsit kneeling chair with a full product review.

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Are you suffering from Irritable Desk Syndrome?

NEC-Mitsubishi conducted a survey of 2000 adult workers a couple of years ago and found that far from office workers being more mobile they were, in fact even more tied to the office chairs and desks than ever before.

Many had developed bad habits, despite knowing about them and were, as a result suffering from Irritable Desk Syndrome.

Particularly at risk were laptop users who often sit hunched forward in their office seat looking down on their screen, something that no ergonomic office chair will compensate for. What was really needed was to place their laptop on a raised plinth so they could address their workstation correctly and sit properly in their office chair.

You will find two useful pdf documents Irritable Desk Syndrome and Deskology produced by NEC-Mitsubishi that outline the problems they found and their recommended solutions in these two short reports.

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