Reception Chairs and Seating

There are many different types and styles of Reception Office Chairs and Seating. To begin with let’s not forget the importance of your Reception area. More often than not it is your visitor’s first point of contact with your organisation.

For this reason, make sure that your receptionist has a good quality Office Chair that is both comfortable and stylish to create the right image for visitors.

So what sort of Chairs and Seating do you want for visitors? It really depends on how you intend to use your Reception area. The choice of Chairs is very wide, here’s a brief list of the types of Chair and Seats you could consider:

· Tub Chairs

· Metal Framed Four Legged Chairs

· Timber Framed Four Legged Chairs

· Cantilever Framed Metal or Wooden Chairs

· Modular Seating Systems

· Sofas and Settees

· Cane or Wickerwork Seats and Settees

As can be seen the choice of Reception Seating is very wide and the best choice ultimately comes down to individual taste as well as how you intend to interact with your visitors.

Do you intend to hold meetings with visitors in reception itself? If so, you might go for Tub Chairs or Framed Chairs, if you prefer a slightly less formal approach, Sofas, Settees, or Cane and Wicker Seating might well be more appropriate.

On the other hand you may have meeting rooms close to the Reception area in which case visitors could probably be shown straight into the meeting room removing the need for any seating in reception itself.

Here are some important considerations to bear in mind when selecting Chairs and Seating for your Reception area.

  • Avoid Tub or Sofa type Chairs and Seating where the user literally sinks into the seat as though it was a giant sponge. These types of chairs and seating can be very awkward to get out of and can cause embarrassment when you greet your visitor as they naturally try to extricate themselves from the Chair or Seat when you arrive to greet them.

  • Avoid the types of Chairs and Seats that can make embarrassing noises when the user moves in them or tries to get out of them.

  • Avoid uncomfortable Reception Chairs if you expect your visitors to spend any length of time seated in Reception before someone arrives to greet them.

  • Avoid Chairs and Seating with a very low seating position as they can also be awkward to get out of and being low down people tend to feel uncomfortable and ill at ease in such Chairs and Seating.

I would recommend that you carefully consider the exact use you intend to put your Reception Chairs and Seating to and what image you are trying to project. Next, draw up a shortlist of potential Chairs and Seating suitable for your requirements.

Visit a couple of Office Furniture showrooms where you can not only see the various types of Chairs and Seats on your list, but where you are also able to try them out too. It’s a good idea to take along at least one member of staff to carry out your evaluation.

Make sure that your assessment is carried out by both a male and a female staff member. A chair that appears ideal to a male user may not be at all practical to a female user and vice versa.

By bearing in mind these points about Reception Chair and Seating selection and carrying out an evaluation of suitable Chairs and Seats you should be able to select the best Seating for your reception area requirements.