Should you use a footrest with your Office Chair?

I’m often asked if users should use a footrest with their Office Chair. I believe that there are definite benefits in using a footrest in conjunction with an Office Seat for certain users.

First, let’s begin by considering the correct leg position when sat in your Office Chair. Ideally, you should have your feet in contact with the floor when sitting in your Office Seat and your upper legs should be angled slightly downwards.

For a lot of Office Chair users this isn’t a problem, however for a significant number of users it is, particularly if you have short legs you may well find that your feet don’t meet the floor squarely when sitting at a desk in your Office Seat.

Incidentally, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you aren’t very tall you could just have a long upper torso. If you find that you have this problem with your Office Chair then a footrest could well be the answer for you.

Footrests are generally made from plastic and the most basic ones are literally a fixed triangular wedge shape that enables the user to position their feet firmly when sitting at their Office Chair.

The better quality ones have a height adjustable platform so you can adjust it to your ideal seating position. A number of the better ones also allow the footrest surface to pivot to enable you to find your most comfortable seating position when using your Office Chair.

So, to summarise if you find you can’t get your legs positioned correctly using your Office Chair, then by all means consider investing in a footrest.

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