The Aeron Chair – A Modern Masterpiece

This week I thought I would take a look at the Aeron chair in part as a tribute to Bill Stumpf, its co-designer who died recently.

Together with Don Chadwick he created the Aeron chair for Herman Miller in 1994 and when it was released it was quite unlike any other office chair on the market.

In fact such was the impact of its design that it was included in the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art before it was launched into the office furniture market.Aeron Chair

Apart from its revolutionary open mesh pellicle seat and back which allows air to circulate more freely around the user’s body it also included anther major surpise.

The chair comes in 3 different sizes – small, medium and large to suit the users differing sizes and weight. Typically, Office Chairs are mostly supplied in one size and the user adjusts them to suit their requirements. If they have problems then they have to consider an alternative office seat.

The Aeron chair has always been a high cost item and to some extent this has worked to its advantage, giving it an air of exclusivity and desirability. When the heady days of the dotcom boom were upon us, it was frequently the must have accessory for Internet start ups of the late 1990’s as they spent the megabucks so freely provided to them.

Not surprisingly, as the Aeron has proved so successful it has spawned loads of look -alike products. Few if any, however, match the quality and function of this modern masterpiece. Click the link for more details on the Aeron chair.

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