What if I have a lousy office chair?

A lot of times people working for companies get landed with a really lousy office chair that just isn’t good for their health or productivity.

So what do you do about it if this is the situation you’re in?

Well, if you’ve been in your job some time and you are seen as a valued employee, then you really need to take things up with your boss and explain the problems you’re having.

But, if you haven’t been in the job long, or you are a new starter and have been issued with a sub-standard office chair you aren’t really in a position to do this.

So, if you find yourself in such a situation it’s likely you’re stuck with what you’ve got. That being the case, it’s important that you make sure you adjust it as best you can.

No matter how poor an office seat is, it’s almost certain that you can adjust the seat height and probably the back angle and height too.

Begin by standing in front of your office chair and set the seat height to line with your knee joint.

From there, sit in the chair and fine tune the seat’s height so that your feet rest firmly on the floor with your thighs at right angles or sloping slightly down.

Next, see if you can adjust the chair’s back. On cheap chairs there’s often a knurled knob where the back joins the chair, see if you can adjust it so that your lower back is well supported.

This is not an ideal situation of course, but sometimes you have to make the best of a bad situation.

As soon as you feel confident enough, ask your boss about getting you a new chair and explain how much more productive it would make you.

You will find useful information about selecting an ergonomic office chair here.

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